Our state is made up of 17 Districts. 

District 3 President Pat Martyn                              District 4 President Ed Horwin                      District 5 President Barb Klapperich

 Pat Martin, District 3                        Ed Horwin, District 4                Barbara Klapperich, District 5

District 6 President Diana Rudeen           District 7 President Diane Hawk      District 8 President Jan Powers

    Diana Rudeen, 6th District            Diane Hawk, 7th District             Jan Powers8th District

District 9 President Lynn Bankard         District 10 President Janet Kays       District 11 President Susan Dorn                                               

Lynn Bankard, 9th District           Janet Kays, 10th District            Susan Dorn, 11th District

District 12 President Laura Knackstedt          District 13 President Billie Miller      District 14 President Joyce Cavins

Laura Knackstedt, District 12         Billie Miller, District 13        Joyce Cavins, District 14

District 15 President Lynn Smith    District 16 President Lynne Wilson   District 17 President Norma Janney

   Lynn Smith, District 15            Lynne Wilson, District 16     Norma Janney, District 17

District 18 President Patti McLeod              District 19 President Marie Wiebler

Patti McLeod, District 18                      Marie Wiebler, District 19


Below is the state with the districts noted.

Revised District Map